Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Been a long time

Been a long while since I posted anything.. but I felt the need to vent tonight..

This is a story that happened May 1, 2012

The woman I babysit for called to tell me a few days in advance that she had to take her husband to the doctor for a test and she asked me if they didn't get home in time would i walk her dog at 1:00 and pick up the kids at 2:30

She called that morning and my mother answered the phone and had NO idea that i was asked to babysit at all.  She was just calling to confirm that i was going to get the kids.  My mom said she wasn't sure if she was going to be around at that time since she may have to go get my nephew from school at 2:30 because my sister may need to go into the hospital to have her baby.   This woman asked her if she would need me, my mother told her no, that i might need her since it was raining so we all wouldnt have to walk..  I came into the room at this point.. I said (and was not lying about it!) that it was "no problem" because it WAS no problem to walk in a little rain...

She didn't mention walking the dog at all so I called her cell phone back to make sure that she still wanted me to go walk him.. But she didn't call me back until 1:08 which is when I was giving up on her calling and was putting on my shoes to go walk the dog anyway.   But she was already in a mood with me and said forget it, its too late to walk him (8 minutes past the time she told me to walk him was too late?)  then she started bitching (there is seriously no other term for what she did)..  "If you don't want to do something when I ask you to then you should tell me and say no.  (ummm, hello? when did i say i didn't want to??)   then she was saying tht i upset my mother (#1 anything between me and my mother is between ME and my MOTHER, #2 my mother was NOT upset about anything at all, #3 she didn't even know that i was supposed to babysit that day at all! So no, i had not asked her to pick up the kids and i never asked her to in the first place.. she offers when she is home since she is here anyway and why make us all walk in the cold/rain when we do not need to and its only down the freaking street!) ... however, i did not get to tell this woman any of this because I repeatedly called her name to get her attention and it went completely ignored (at least 5/6 times in a calm manner) ... I was then told that (in the continued total bitch attitude nasty tone that she had been yapping at me in) that she hires me and not my mother..  yet she would not listen to anything i tried to say she just kept yelling at me over my trying to tell her that my mother was not upset that i didn't have a problem getting the kids etc. 

and finally i snapped.. "no one is upset here except ME now!" followed by "what the hell are you talking about (at least 2 times) and then she "had to go" and hung up on me.

I'm sorry but this is not the kind of behavior i would expect from a grown woman.. she didn't even have the decency to listen to me when i was talking.. and she was screaming at me for something that did not even happen at all.  I have dealt with her rude snide nasty comments for far too long.. I am sick of being treated like i am a moron and talked down to in every situation (from my family to my dogs and anything in between).. I am sick of hearing about everyone who is "out to get her" and every pain that she has that is worse than anyone else on the earth has ever suffered.  I am sick of her complaining about her husband being a good for nothing useless jerk when he does more than any other guy i have ever known.   I am sick of hearing about her neighbors dog peeing on her tomato plant and saying that she could have stopped it.. give me a freaking break you can not stop an animal for peeing!   And I am REALLY sick of her faces and comments about my payment for babysitting.. such as (insert nasty tone here again) "I don't feel I should have to pay you" because it was her husband that asked me to watch the kids.. not my problem who asked what, i am there to do a service not get bitched at.  Then I babysat a bunch of times in a 3 week period and the total was up to $80 which her husband knew and quoted to me in front of her.. and the look on her face is one of total horror/disgust.. how nice is that? I am apparently not worthy of the payment for my services for her either.. i am dirt on a shoe, don't you know that?   This is how she has made me feel for the past 2 years.. and i am sick of it!   Take last summer for another example.. She sees me talk to her neighbor (that she is really obsessive about her being out to get her) for 2 freaking minutes about our dogs and somehow i am her new best friend and am going to allow her into her yard to swim in her pool while the family is away.. and in this crazy scenario she tells my MOTHER that if i did that she was going to kill me and float me in her pool!  Who the hell says that about someone?  ESPECIALLY someone who has done NOTHING to her and has been nothing but nice for years.. and yet this nothing but nice person STILL did not snap at her or say anything to cause trouble..  Do we see a pattern here??  

I miss those kids.. And I HATE that her husband is ignoring not only me, but my parents as well.. I miss him because he has never been anything but nice to me... he has never given me a nasty look or word for any reason and unlike her, he always makes me feel welcome..  and I miss their dog too.. that poor dog doesn't have a fighting chance with her.. she HATES dogs and has made that perfectly clear to anyone who listens.  But what i do not miss.. is her.  I am sad to say it, but it is not that I am mad.. yes, I was mad when it all happened and I still get mad when i think about that day and all the horrible nasty ways she has made little rude comments along the way.. but i am mostly just relieved that i do not have to listen to that crap anymore.. I don't need to sit there all edgy and tense and wondering what she is going to say next and leave the house feeling anxious and or/upset about things.. I don't deserve to be treated that way by anyone and I will not tolerate it any longer.  So if that means we are shunned by the neighbors, then so be it.. Nothing much that I can do about it.. I did what i should have done a long time ago with this woman.. I stood up for myself!  enough said....

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