Thursday, January 3, 2013

This has become a place where I rant.. I didn't want it to be that way..  I should try to post more often about my reading and other fun things :)  But for today I have another rant!

I don't understand people sometimes.. Maybe it's me?  I mean how does someone buy something from you and not pay for the items and think that you are the one that has done something wrong?  I have waited since July for my payment and it is now January.. I am not supposed to be upset by this?   I have been lied to and about by this woman.. I am sick of this treatment from someone who was supposed to be a friend.. I realize now that she was never a friend.  It is sad to have to realize that about anyone.  But once again I feel I have been wronged and it has made me feel less of people and more suspicious of everyone in general.  I guess what I always thought of as older people being cynical or paranoid about things is really just that they have had things hurt them and are more careful as they get older.. and now I am starting to do the same.  What a sad sad world we live in when we can not trust other people..

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