Friday, November 7, 2008

I got to babysit the most adorable little girl today. :)
The family I mentioned in a recent post. The little girl is 5 years old and was home sick from school today. :( So we read a book and played games online all day.

I stayed there visiting even after her parents and brother were home. I adore that family. The kids are so cute and so polite. Though their mom would tell you they are little terrors ;) But with me they are great! They listen to everything I say and they are so great for their age. What 5 year old would set up a little "sick caddy" so that she doesn't spread germs? She had a little corner where she had tissues, a bucket and hand sanitizer for every time she touched her eyes or coughed or blew her nose! That to me was amazing! A 5 year old usually wouldn't be aware of that.. And would have to be told each and every time to use the sanitizer.
And her older brother is 9.. He brought home pretzels to his sister and father because he knew they were not feeling good. How cute is that? :)

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Butterfly Amy said...

commenting on my own post here.. but wow it really amazing how things can change and what you don't see at first. Its also amazing how people choose to put on "airs" around others for awhile until they become used to them and then suddenly their colors change to their true selves and you realize you didn't know what you thought you did about them.. I am glad to know that i was not wrong about the rest of the family.. It's been a long time in changing.. mostly in the past year and a half.. but there was some things i see now that i should have picked up much sooner than that..